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AD1 Motorcycle Pants

AD1 Motorcycle Pants

Product Review (submitted on October 16, 2008):
I bought my original Darien pants and jacket (hi-vis) in 1999. They've been great! But, as is true with all riders, over time, the pants tend to get tight around the waist. Or something...

I had my pants repair by Aerostich last year after a stupid encounter with the ground. They were snug at that time and I considered just trashing those and getting some new ones that hadn't "shrunk" yet. AS made some excellent repairs but couldn't fix the shrinkage/expansion problem. ONLY I CAN DO THAT!

When I saw the sale on the new AD-1 blemishes, I had to jump. Aerostich discounts are hard to come by! I got them yesterday, took the hip pads out of the old pants and installed them, then put the new ones right on.

Some things I noticed right off...the belt buckle has been redesigned from 8 years ago, the leg zips stop 1.5" short of the ankle snaps (a real good thing!), and the fabric feels softer even though AS says it's heavier. Interesting! The armor in the knees is also softer feeling, I wonder if that's changed, too?

With my 1999 pair, I had to send them back to get them customized. As I recall, the thigh was not long enought. The new pair, stock, are a perfect fit!

Riding impression? Excellent! Better feel than my old pair (even with the change in size!). The crotch expansion is welcomed, as is the increase flex at the knees due to the repositioned pads and their softer construction.

If you have an old Darien set that you've "outgrown", I'm positive you'll be very very happy with the AD-1. Act now for the blemish discount!!

Vancouver, WA