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Stormy Lighter

Stormy Lighter

Product Review (submitted on May 12, 2008):
Nice, but a finnicky little thing to refuel. Turns out "premium butane" is very special indeed. Zippo won't do, and don't even think about Ronson.

Anything less than "triple refined" will instantly gum the works. Good luck finding triple refined butane when your natty little lighter runs out in East Jesus, Wyoming. Ask the gas station jockey for "Korean brand" butane (preferably with a metal applicator tip) and you'll be walking out with another $1 plastic bic.

From the booklet:

• Be sure to purchase “premium” butane
also referred to as “triple” or “double refined”.
• There are several recommended brands in the
marketplace which are “Made in Korea” and
come in large metal (10 – 13 oz.) cans with
a metal fill tip, as opposed to a plastic one.
• Check with a tobacco retailer in your
area to find the recommended Korean brands.