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Koss Earplug Speakers

Koss Earplug Speakers

Product Review (submitted on December 15, 2008):
Maximum boom for the buck... I've owned a set of "plugs" for probably 7 or 8 years, and for the purpose of motorcycling (or bicycling) with tunes, IMO they are very satisfactory. The original foam earpieces weren't ideal - they were almost impossible to compress. But they've upgraded to "memory foam" which compresses, then expands slowly to fit the ear canal. (Replacement earpieces are available separately, although not much less $ than the full package.) Comparing them with a set of "Brand S" earspeakers that I paid 6 times as much for... the Koss have more bass (which gets drowned out in the road noise). The "S" model definitely has better sound reproduction - they are SWEEET when I'm lying in bed listening to music, but not worth the extra when rolling down the highway dealing with 80dB of ambient noise. On top of that, they have a manufacturer's LIFETIME warranty; hard to beat.

Yeah... I go with the "Plugs" when I'm motorcycling OR bicycling... in rural settings. NEVER when I'm navigating heavy traffic and need 100% total concentration.

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