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Heated Grip Kit

Heated Grip Kit

Product Review (submitted on June 13, 2008):
Ordering my second set. My first were great but I changed the bars out on my Road King Classic and ruined one of the elements in the process.

Overall a great product and one that I will not ride without. I ride almost year around and find I use these daily throughout the colder months and even during the summer occasionally for those early morning rides with thin gloves.

Install tip -- After having some issues with the throttle side clearance I settled on the following solution: mount the elements inside the bars. First run a string inside the bars and out one of the pre-drilled holes where the clip snaps in. Use the string to pull the wires through. Before you insert the elements, use some fiberglass insulation to form a plug which you can push inside the bar to seal off the airflow. Then roll the element and slide it inside the bar and then using your fingers, seat the adhesive to the inside of the bars. This way you have no problem with throttle sleave binding and you can change grips without worrying about damaging the elements. It also, since the wiring is internal, saves wear and tear on the wire/element connections. The heating ability does not seem to be compromised at all. This may not work for all makes but is a slick install on a Harley.