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5-Function Digital Meter

5-Function Digital Meter

Product Review (submitted on June 20, 2008):
I first bought this for my dad's CB750 because he is always looking for a decent clock. But, believe it or not, we couldn't find a sheltered 5 1/2 inch long flat spot to secure it to, not even in the Windjammer fairing. Even before that though it was very apparent that this item is designed for use in a car - it has indoor and outdoor thermometers - and is obviously not waterproof. Weird that Aerostich doesn't mention that in the catalog.
After we gave up trying to fit it on the 750 I took it for my little CB200 which doesn't see much rain. I had to fabricate a mount for it but I finally got it installed on the 200. The actual installation was pretty simple. There are 3 wires: positive, ground and switched. I easily tapped the "switched" wire into the taillight circuit. This does mean that to keep the clock running there is a drain on the battery all the time, I guess I'll see how severe it is the next time the bikes sits for a while. The sensor wire for the outdoor thermometer is about 10 feet long, which is close to twice the length of the bike it's installed on, and is pretty much useless because the indoor and outdoor temperatures should be the same on a motorcycle, right? I guess you could install the sensor somewhere to give you an approximate engine temp but I think the thermometer only reads up to 99.9 degrees. I thought about cutting it off and not dealing with it at all but I couldn't bring myself to permenently damage the $32 gadget. I installed the sensor facing forward on the underside of the headlight bucket and it seems to give a pretty accurate reading.
Finally, the packaging reads, "strong backlight or easy reading..." but their definition of strong must be different from mine because at first I couldn't even tell there was a backlight. The backlight was visible when I took the bike to the back of the garage, turned off the lights and closed the door.
Overall, I think that there's a great idea behind this little gizmo but the construction is so slight that I simply don't trust it to work for any length of time on a bike that I ride any real distance.
If they designed one of these with more-or-less the same features but made it sturdy enough to take a little abuse (like getting caught in a light sprinkle) then I would buy 4 of 'em. But this one won't handle even one full season of daily commuting. It doesn't live up to it's $32 price tag, let alone the Aerostich name.

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