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Aerostich Combat Touring Boots

Aerostich Combat Touring Boots

Product Review (submitted on November 19, 2009):
I'm getting ready to buy a second pair of CTBs. I bought my last pair in 1998, and they've been my primary footwear since around 2000, 2001. I've had them resoled twice - although I've never found a cobbler that knew how to resole them with the original soles. So yeah, the boots have lasted me 12 years. And frankly the leather is still good, and if I didn't mind that the gaiters have worn all away they'd probably be good for another 6.

After they were broken in, they were very, very comfortable and after several years they basically became heavy leather slippers that I wear everywhere. They're easier to get into and out of than most regular shoes, and are generally all-around awesome.

Yes, they're expensive at first. But amortize that $300 over the 12 year lifespan mine have had and they're one of the least expensive boots I've ever owned.

The only downside is that after 5 or 6 years the nice soft white leather lining started to fall away and it apparently can't be replaced, but that didn't really have any effect on anything other than that they weren't as pretty on the inside anymore.