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Aerostich Kanetsu TLTec Wind Blocker Electric Vest

Aerostich Kanetsu TLTec Wind Blocker Electric Vest

Product Review (submitted on November 21, 2009):
I started looking for warmth on my cycle the way most do: heated grips, maybe heated seat. Those are the cold spots. I became convinced by reading on line that a heated "core" would solve those problems. It's true. With First Gear riding suit, cross-country trip, somewhere in Oklahoma in October, hypothermia started in. Main muscle groups were contracting involuntarily, hands were numb, couldn't think straight. Got out Kanetsu from saddle bag, put it on, kept on riding in the dark and the cold. Not only did my hands warm up, but I started getting toasty. The outside temperature kept on dropping, but I made 300 more miles. Without the jacket, I would have had to stop, get a hotel room, and wait for it to warm up. Mine has an SAE plug that goes straight into my battery charger pig-tail. I learned a lesson not to pack it and wait for it to get cold (I kept putting off a stop to get it out and get it plugged in), I took the liner out of my 3/4 riding jacket and now wear this under it all the time. Plugged in or not. The cord is great length, not too long (floppy), nor too short ( can get off bike and 1 step without jerking it). Front zipper is finnicky, hard to get lined up and started, but I may have one with a defect. For what it does, this is one of the best gear buys I ever made. I almost ride year round, and if I don't have this that doesn't happen.

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