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Aerostich Elkskin Ropers

Aerostich Elkskin Ropers

Product Review (submitted on January 21, 2010):
I've had these gloves a little over a year and a half now. I know all natural skins have imperfections but the first pair i received looked like seconds so I sent them back and Aerostich replaced them with a nicer pair.

They are my go to glove for riding between 45 and 80 degrees - which is the majority of my riding. I washed them twice in mild soapy water when I got them. My hands still got black if I wore them for any length of time for the first few months. Even now, if I ride a 12+ hour day (common for me) my hands still get a slight black tinge to them. I really don't care too much about that though.

They are very comfortable and easy to get on and off. The only real issue I have with them is that I don't think the wrist would be well protected in a getoff so a slightly longer gauntlet would be nice.

When I purchased them I thought the thumb squeegee thing was a bit hokey. Much to my surprise, I' ve found that it's extremely useful when mist, snow, or freeway spray is collecting on my visor.

Bottom line: I have over a dozen sets of riding gloves and these get worn more than any of my others by far.

If I ever manage to wear them out then I'll probably try the competition version as they appear to have a slightly longer gauntlet, are more adjustable and have finger padding.