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Instantly convert any pair of gloves to work with your mobile devices. Stretchy covers adapt to fit over the thumb and fingertips on any glove, while the special silver conductive material enables you to interact with the latest touch screen technology without taking your gloves off. Especially handy for on-the-go use of GPS or navigation apps. Keep them on your favorite pair of riding gloves, or switch them between several pair depending on the weather, these little slip-ons will keep you connected and in touch. One size fits all. Set of 2. Black/silver.


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good but delicate Review by Paul
I put these over my leather gloves, and surprisingly enough, they work extremely well.

However, they are extremely delicate, and the black material on th eback is very susceptible to getting torn by any velcro "hook" fasteners. Additionally, the silver material is extremely thin and delicate. After a 10 day 3000 mile ride, I could see the silver material easily wearing through. I doubt these will last for long, sadly. (Posted on 10/16/13)
Thumb Dogs Review by Moto1
Just before a small road trip I had ordered a similar item from a very popular company that places a lot of emphasis on BMW motorcycles and riders. Because of this and the companies popularity, I assumed that their product would be top-notch but I couldn't have been more wrong. The item was nothing short of a joke and didn't come close to working as they claimed. So, I turned back to those who have never failed me, Aerostich. These Thumb Dogs work just as they say and are fool-proof. They slide on easily over your gloves, remain in place very well and most importantly, they work like they're supposed to!! They are definitely worth the money. (Posted on 9/13/13)
Thumb dogs Review by Jim
These work exactly as advertised. I put one on each index finger because that is how I use my GPS, Tablet and Phone when sitting on my bike. Note: When you pull your gloves off at a stop, the thumb dogs may fall off of your empty gloves, but then the whole point is to not have to take your gloves off while on your bikie. (Posted on 6/25/13)

3 Item(s)

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