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Wireless Battery

WARNING! Use at your own risk. Not recommended for use with passengers (especially children), or anyone intending to someday procreate. May not be legal in your area, check local laws. The Department of Homeland Security may require a detailed registration information or a lengthy background check, which may or may not require an observationary period in an undisclosed location, visit for more information.

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Awww, shoot! Forgot to pull your battery last fall, didn't you? Let's face it, batteries are a pain. They don't last forever, and there's a finite amount of gizmos, gadgets and farkels you can run off them without running into one messy electrical problem or another. Good riddance. Inside each and every one of these special batteries resides just enough nuclear waste to power everything you've ever dreamed of powering on your bike. Without wires. Wait a minute...everything...wireless?! Yes, you heard right. The compartment itself is made of a hermetically sealed 1" thick polycarbonate resin and comes with a lead blanket to drape over your seat, so it's completely safe. Built to last lifetimes.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Walnut


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Customer Reviews (3)

will it work from homeReview by kyle
Can i leave this battery at home and use it wireless from where ever i am at in the world? any idea on the range? (Posted on 3/30/11)
Who needs A BatteryReview by Birddog
I rely don’t need a battery. I work at a Nuclear Plant and don’t require a battery. All I have to do is crawl on and every thing powers up. They say I'm only good for a couple hundred years according to the half life but, I think that will be enough. (Posted on 11/13/09)
This is a great product!...Review by david Pius
This is a great product! At least I thought it was. I bought one for my bike and it worked great for about a week. Not only did I get way more power than I coud possibly use, I had the added benefit of always being able to find my motorcycle in the dark since the battery gives off this pretty green glow. The only problem is that not long after I got it these guys dressed in black jumpsuits with "FBI" on the back grabbed me and now here I am in Guantanamo! If you don't mind being sent to the tropics in shackles, this is the product for you! (Posted on 2/23/09)