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Ear Cannon Air Horn

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This is a full-power railroad locomotive/ocean liner type compressed air horn squeezed into a bike-mountable package. Totally overkill, until you need to wake up some lethal driver. It’s got both the high and low ear-splitting tones of the individually sold Fiamm Freeway Blaster Horns, plus a little more oomph. The 139dB high and low tone blasters combine via air induction to cut through the din and make the most distracted of drivers drop their cell phones and pay attention. Installs easily on all bikes with a 4.5"×3"×4.5" space for mounting. The loudest motorcycle horn available. If Ethel Merman, Sam Kinison and John Philip Sousa ever had a band, and played through a wall-of-sound amp rack, it would sound like this. 12V. 18A. 1 lb 4 oz.


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Getting another one!Review by RoundHouseLady
Ear Cannon Air Horn -- I bought one a few years ago for my new Spyder - works great! Getting a newer model Spyder and so I now have another one for the new Spyder. CAN-AM is whimpy in this part of their design of a wonderful machine!

Sande (aka RoundHouseLady) (Posted on 6/29/16)
WAKE UP DRIVERSReview by Frank M
Got one for my sons car,now I'm getting them for my car and bike!
To loud Sorry put down the iPhone !! (Posted on 6/25/16)
Chrome Horn-Chrome Flakes OffReview by Bill
I purchased a chrome Air Cannon in 2012 and installed on 2010 Harley Ultra Classic. It kept blowing a fuse. I finally installed a fuse terminal block and no more problems. I bought a 2014 Harley Limited and moved the horn to this bike. Unfortunately, the chrome flakes off and started looking bad. So, I bought the black version. Installation is very easy and looks good. This new horn doesn't seem as loud as the old one but is much louder than stock. When I get a minute, I will use my DB meter and chech sound level. (Posted on 4/24/16)
Awesome!! So loudReview by Brian
This horn is awesome. Don't think twice about getting it. I have a 2012 r1200gs and you can kinda get it tucked in where the old horn was with some maneuvering. I'll update as time goes on and in addition to the screws, I added a few zip ties. It's loud. I love it (Posted on 12/27/15)
Hello .. is it me your looking forReview by DucDucGuzzi
mounted on a Vespa 300 I can wake up any soccer mom in a Lexus. this really makes you known when they are texting on the road.
Loud enough to get a half a peace sign wave too. (Posted on 12/13/15)
Not reliable unless kept dry.Review by Mark
I installed one of these on my 2012 Ducati Multistrada S. Unfortunately, the only place I found to mount it was where the charcoal canister used to be, which unfortunately exposes the horn to spray from the front wheel while riding. First time out, rode in rain for 500 Miles. Horn was dead and still is so it went into the trash. I think if you can mount it where it won't get wet, then it will do ok. It is certainly very loud as advertised. For me, it was a waste of money. I do not recommend this product. (Posted on 11/10/15)
Ear CannonReview by Mike
Have had one of these on my '94 dresser for many years and love it. Just sold two to friends who just had to have one. (Posted on 10/3/15)
A real horn. Finally!Review by Leroy
I was frustrated and embarrassed with the OEM horn on my brand new BMW. Worthless. Opted for the Ear Cannon Air Horn. Works as advertised. To my surprise, I had to use it on my first ride. Some Bozo, not paying attention, was pushing me off road. Nevertheless, the cager was instantly startled out of his deep sleep and gave me a wide berth until we parted ways. Which I made sure was rather quickly… I love it when things work! (Posted on 5/27/15)
NOT impressedReview by Ross
I wasn't impressed with mine - maybe I got a bad one. All I know is that it wasn't noticeably louder than the stock beeper. I wasn't too broken-hearted when I found out that it fell off the bike somewhere between town and home. (Posted on 3/19/15)
Bad A** HornReview by RawFlyer
Sweet!! I finally got around to installing this thing on my R1200GSA LC... For a clean install I took some of the plastic down and actually replaced the original horn.. no splicing, I ordered a pigtail that fits right into the original horn wiring and made a clean mess of the wires. (part is called Horn wiring kit for BMW bikes with Can-Bus wiring from Nippy I also separated the compressor from the horn it's self and was able to mount the compressor with a home made bracket to the original horn mount, the horn it's self snaps right onto the front suspension remote reservoir or one of the down tubes (if you're not worried about clearance). With all the plastic back on the bike, no one will know.... until their ears hear the train that is me bearing down on them!!

Wiring on the BMW R1200GSA LC is as such:
Relay terminal 87 to + on compressor
Relay terminal 85 to Brown OEM horn lead
Relay terminal 86 to Green OEM horn lead
Relay terminal 30 to + on battery

Recommended -- Yes (Posted on 7/29/14)
Ear Canon is like a big gunReview by Tim
Great, loud horn. I ride a vintage Kawasaki that does not have loud pipes. Since a large percentage of MC accidents happen at intersections I cover the horn button when approaching. I have had to warn a couple to see the invisible - a bike headed their way.
It does not work when the bike has been sitting. I think it must draw enough more amps that the bike needs to be running and the battery fully charged. (Posted on 6/28/14)
stebel hornReview by mark
like most everyone else, I found this thing to be VERY LOUD! a great safety device on a bike, I've already scared the hell out of 2 braindead wandering cagers in the 1st week. easy to install with the wiring kit. I also bought one of these horns for my car and it's just as effective. well worth the money. (Posted on 6/4/14)
Aerostich Customer ServiceReview by customerservice
Instructions and owners guides for many products can be downloaded from the Aerostich website at: - the horn instructions can be directly found at this link: (Posted on 6/2/14)
Ear Cannon is loud - I thinkReview by Jon
I think it is -- the last one I bought and installed sure was. So when my wife got a new car with a horn about as loud as a mouse's whisper I ordered this Cannon. Pleased as punch I was the day that I came up with an excuse for her to take my truck and leave the car with me, at the house, so I could install the horn when she wasn't around to ask what I was doing. But when I opened the package I found the horn, the wires and relay -- but no instructions. I can figure out the horn's + and - , but how about helping with a "pin-out" of the relay so I'd know which wire goes where? If it's in the package - it's well-hidden. Her car is still mewling and whispering but certainly not startling any but the most timid. What do I need to do to be told which goes where? Thanks. (Posted on 5/28/14)
Nice HornReview by Jeremy
Easy to hook up - very loud (Posted on 5/28/14)
Loud hornReview by joseph
Excellent and loud!!! Have it on my bmw gs adventure. Rain and heat have been no problem. Made my own bracket to mount on engine guard. (Posted on 10/3/13)
Saved my life - more than once!Review by william
I bought one of these about a couple of years ago. It has saved my life more than once. I commute daily on the freeways in northern California and split lanes. When someone tries to encroach on you this horn will DEFINITELY MOVE THEM BACK! Instead of the wimpy stock horn that caused people to look around for that annoying squeak, this thing draws their attention, snaps them into consciousness and has them looking for the 18 wheeler!

I lost the first one and ordered a second. The intervening week was shear terror for me without the protection the horn affords. YOU must get this thing for your safety.

Note, on the latest one, I epoxied the bolt to the braket so that it cannot vibrate/slide out. I mounted it on my Triumph Scrambler on the original horn bracket, just skewed to the side a bit. (Posted on 8/19/13)
Holy shhaving cream, that's loud!Review by Sean
Purchased a couple of months ago. Sourced another company's horn/headlight modulator but went with Aerostich horn due to Aerostich's reutation for only selling quality products and great custormer service - a thing's only as good as the folks selling it. Anyway, had modulator and horn professionally installed as my BMW R1200ST made placement tricky. My mechanic found a spot underfairing on one side. The horn is freaking loud. Use with proper discretion. Tip: In a higher-risk-than-usual traffic environment, know how to get your thumb to that horn buttion fast without fumbling. Practice if you have to Those reaction fractions will - along with a kitten-crapping loud horn - will make the difference! (Posted on 8/8/13)
Big improvementReview by Dan
This is an impressively loud horn. It has to be 10 times louder than stock, and it's enough to make you flinch, especially if you honk it in the garage! (Posted on 7/22/13)
Must have accessoryReview by pJarhead
I had one of these on my 2007 Honda Shadow 750, but where I initially mounted it, there was some contact between the horn and the back of the front fender on hard stops. Eventually, the trumpet piece fell off somewhere on my commute. When I got a replacement a couple weeks ago, I mounted it on the left engine guardbar, clear from any contact. Had to fabricate a bracket that I attached to a highway peg clamp - too easy. I got the replacement just in time, as I was riding that first weekend through town and had an SUV try to change lanes on top of me. The blast made him drop his cell phone and he almost overcorrected into the oncoming traffic. Now I'm working on turning the compressor from the first cannon into a portable tire inflator.... (Posted on 6/12/13)

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