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Ear Cannon Air Horn

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This is a full-power railroad locomotive/ocean liner type compressed air horn squeezed into a bike-mountable package. Totally overkill, until you need to wake up some lethal driver. It’s got both the high and low ear-splitting tones of the individually sold Fiamm Freeway Blaster Horns, plus a little more oomph. The 140dB high and low tone blasters combine via air induction to cut through the din and make the most distracted of drivers drop their cell phones and pay attention. Installs easily on all bikes with a 5.25"×3.25"×4.5" space for mounting. The loudest motorcycle horn available. If Ethel Merman, Sam Kinison and John Philip Sousa ever had a band, and played through a wall-of-sound amp rack, it would sound like this. Includes 12V/30A relay. 12V. 20A. 1 lb 12 oz.


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Best Horn EverReview by DH
My second, first lasted 12+ years. Replaced it 18 months back with a $13 red plastic unit from eBay. Looked similar xcept trumpets faced down, not as loud and began to fail within a year. Wife got me the real deal Stebel Nautilus for birthday. Just put it on tonite. So loud it killed 3 cats 1/4 mile down the road. ;>D
To thos neg reviews, if it didn't take your eardrums out you got a defective OR maybe didn't use relay. Did you contact Aerostitch about it? To reviewer who had failure due to water intake. It should have come with an insert that fits into the intake throat to which you attach tubing you can route to a dry zone for preventing the intake of water or spray. I don't ride in the rain or ride a Ducati so mine hangs down off my LH case saver out in the open where it can blast the trunk open on any A-hole who cuts me off. Has saved my sorry ole butt on numerous occasions. Any legit seller like Aerostitch would take care of some of these issues if buyers would contact them. Just my opinion. Best horn out there save the actual RR locomotive units that are 2+ feet long. (Posted on 3/18/18)
Now THIS is a HORN!!Review by Jack
OEM Motorcycle horns are dangerous and useless! THIS horn is a safety upgrade and should be a required db level for motorcycle manufacturers! I have installed a horn reputed to output 132 db vs. this 139db. I don't know how accurate these are but THIS horn is 4 TIMES louder!! Seriously consider purchasing. (Posted on 10/6/17)
Getting another one!Review by RoundHouseLady
Ear Cannon Air Horn -- I bought one a few years ago for my new Spyder - works great! Getting a newer model Spyder and so I now have another one for the new Spyder. CAN-AM is whimpy in this part of their design of a wonderful machine!

Sande (aka RoundHouseLady) (Posted on 6/29/16)
WAKE UP DRIVERSReview by Frank M
Got one for my sons car,now I'm getting them for my car and bike!
To loud Sorry put down the iPhone !! (Posted on 6/25/16)
Chrome Horn-Chrome Flakes OffReview by Bill
I purchased a chrome Air Cannon in 2012 and installed on 2010 Harley Ultra Classic. It kept blowing a fuse. I finally installed a fuse terminal block and no more problems. I bought a 2014 Harley Limited and moved the horn to this bike. Unfortunately, the chrome flakes off and started looking bad. So, I bought the black version. Installation is very easy and looks good. This new horn doesn't seem as loud as the old one but is much louder than stock. When I get a minute, I will use my DB meter and chech sound level. (Posted on 4/24/16)
Awesome!! So loudReview by Brian
This horn is awesome. Don't think twice about getting it. I have a 2012 r1200gs and you can kinda get it tucked in where the old horn was with some maneuvering. I'll update as time goes on and in addition to the screws, I added a few zip ties. It's loud. I love it (Posted on 12/27/15)
Hello .. is it me your looking forReview by DucDucGuzzi
mounted on a Vespa 300 I can wake up any soccer mom in a Lexus. this really makes you known when they are texting on the road.
Loud enough to get a half a peace sign wave too. (Posted on 12/13/15)
Not reliable unless kept dry.Review by Mark
I installed one of these on my 2012 Ducati Multistrada S. Unfortunately, the only place I found to mount it was where the charcoal canister used to be, which unfortunately exposes the horn to spray from the front wheel while riding. First time out, rode in rain for 500 Miles. Horn was dead and still is so it went into the trash. I think if you can mount it where it won't get wet, then it will do ok. It is certainly very loud as advertised. For me, it was a waste of money. I do not recommend this product. (Posted on 11/10/15)
Ear CannonReview by Mike
Have had one of these on my '94 dresser for many years and love it. Just sold two to friends who just had to have one. (Posted on 10/3/15)
A real horn. Finally!Review by Leroy
I was frustrated and embarrassed with the OEM horn on my brand new BMW. Worthless. Opted for the Ear Cannon Air Horn. Works as advertised. To my surprise, I had to use it on my first ride. Some Bozo, not paying attention, was pushing me off road. Nevertheless, the cager was instantly startled out of his deep sleep and gave me a wide berth until we parted ways. Which I made sure was rather quickly… I love it when things work! (Posted on 5/27/15)

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