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5-Function Digital Meter

5-Function Digital Meter

Product Review (submitted on June 20, 2008):
I got this a while back, finally got around to installing it last weekend. There were some annoyances with the installation, mostly due to the extremely thin wires on the meter, but not a huge deal. Once installed the light on the display is dim. Very dim. Not quite "get out a flashlight to read it" dim, but definitely "open the faceshield and lean in close" dim. At least the LEDs are bright enough to give some clue about the bike's voltage after dark.

Today, it rained while the bike was parked outside my office. Not a particularly heavy rain, but that doesn't seem to matter for this meter. Even with it mounted between the gauges and windshield on the bike, so it was out of most of the weather, the meter got part-filled with water and (mosty) died. The display still comes on, but the values reported on the meter are VERY obviously wrong, and the LEDs light more or less at random.

I'm very disappointed in this product. Aerostich, you do yourselves and your customers a disservice by even carrying garbage like this.