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DarienLight Pants

DarienLight Pants

Product Review (submitted on February 18, 2010):
I've been wearing my DarienLight pants for over a year and a half now. They are my standard gear for ALL my riding. (I commute daily on a motorcycle, and typically ride about 15k miles a year.)

I live in the northeast. I've been comfortable in the DL pants in temps as high as 100F, and down to 17F! In the hot weather, I'll throw them over shorts. In the cold, a regular pair of jeans is more than enough to keep my legs warm. The DL cut the wind effectively, obviating the need for electrically heated pants even in the coldest temps I encounter.

In terms of durability, the DL have held up great. Recently, one of the zipper handles broke and Aerostich mailed me a replacement, for FREE, with installation instructions. This is tough gear, backed by a company which thoroughly supports it, without question.