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Darien Jacket

Darien Jacket

Product Review (submitted on February 21, 2010):
After noticing that the editors of my favorite motorcycling magazines, who can wear pretty much anything because they get it free, routinely choose Aerostich products, I decided to try one. I purchased a Darien jacket, one of the early ones. I've been wearing it for at least 15 some odd years now, maybe longer. I ride all year round, and I've ridden pretty much all year round when I lived in Colorado, Arizona, and now in North Carolina. If there's ice on the road and too much snow for traction, I take the truck. Otherwise, I ride one of my Harleys. In over 40 years of riding, this is probably the best product I've ever used.

I added the Darien pants after several years, and now wear my Darien jacket and pants every winter. (In the spring and summer, I opt for lighter gear.) Since purchasing the jacket, I have had one, and only one, problem. The zipper on one of the sleeves broke. I sent the jacket in, they not only fixed it for a very reasonable charged, but upgraded it (for free) with a new type of collar fastening that's being used now.

I use the jacket without armor. (I don't like it, it makes a heavy, bulky jacket ever bulkier). I used to wear leather all the time. I still like it, from an aesthetic point of view, but I don't own a leather jacket anymore. They only other gear I use it Tour Master, which is a good value for the money, but the Darien is much, much better made, heavier, stronger, more weatherproof, and American-made, by riders, for riders. Eventually, I will save up for a Roadcrafter jacket and doubtless retire the Tour Master. I fully expect the Darien jacket to last me until I croak. I think I will wear out before it does.

The only change I would make to this gear is to add removable or zip off panels with mesh behind them to make it more usable in warm temperatures. Otherwise, I wouldn't change a thing.