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#132 Hi-Viz

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  • #132 Hi-Viz
  • #132 Grey
  • #132 Grey
  • #132 Cobalt Blue
  • #132 Red
  • Adjustable anti-flutter arm tabs
  • #132 Black
  • #132 Tan
  • #133 Optional TLTec Wind Pro Liner
  • # 139 Optional TLTec Wind Blocker Liner
  • #132 Features
  • #132 Adjustable Waist Belt
  • #132 Underarm Vent w/ Flap for Rain Resistance
  • #132 Dual Height ULTRASUEDE® Collar - Down Position
  • #132 Rare-Earth magnetic collar positioners
  • #132 Dual Height ULTRASUEDE® Collar - Up Position
  • #132 3M Scotchlite® Reflective Hip Adjustment Tabs
  • #132 Roomy Outer Chest Pockets
  • #132 Underarm Vent w/ Flap for Rain Resistance
  • #132 Zipper and hook & loop wrist adjustability
  • #132 Two-Way Back Vent
  • #132 Darien Jacket worn with #155 Darien Pants
  • #132 Integrated loop for removable impact armor (shoulders, elbows, back & chest options)
  • #132 & #155 Darien Jacket and Pants
  • #132 Durable main zipper with waterproof rain flap

Darien Jacket #132

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In atrocious weather this will outperform whatever you now wear. It’s built for both hard everyday wear and the most extreme ‘no limit’ adventure and endurance riding situations. Whether you are heading across town or out across Siberia, this is the toughest and most reliable single-layer Gore-Tex Cordura textile jacket we make.
The Darien jacket is also the world’s first jacket made specifically for long-distance travelers and adventurers riders. And today, after more than 25 years of continuous detail improvements and careful refinements it still remains the world’s benchmark for technical armored abrasion-resistant rider’s jackets.
Sewing and seam-sealing the Darien’s unique single-layer construction is costly and difficult, so other similar-looking-on-the-outside riding jackets are not made this way. With a single-layer construction there can be no shortcuts...and sloppy workmanship cannot be hidden behind a lining. The systems used for positioning the TF3 impact armor systems and providing useable interior pockets is harder, too.
You’ll like the result of this extra effort…riding drier and being more comfortably across a wider temperature and climactic range. And it’s nice that the armor is easier to custom-position for fit, or remove and replace as required. Also, any emergency post-crash field repairs are a lot easier, too. (That's important if you’re somewhere far beyond remote…and the local weather is bad.)
The Darien isn’t an adapted winter outdoor fashion jacket. It’s a dedicated hard-as-nails protective system for your upper body that lets you ride in greater safety and comfort for a decade or more, regardless of harsh conditions. It’s made to be tougher, simpler, and ,pre practical, because that’s what you really need: Basic reliable stuff that always works.
Exclusive Darien jacket features include the tough abrasion-resistant 500 Denier Cordura® GORE-TEX® breathable/waterproof outer fabric, removable hard shell TF3 foam elbow and shoulder pads, and generous 3M Scotchlite™ reflective areas, and adjustable anti-flutter arm tabs.
The Darien jacket also accommodates a range of optional removable TLTec fleece liners that fit perfectly inside it’s breathable/waterproof outer jacket. These liner underarm vent zippers always line up perfectly, and the inner pieces fit, feel and work together like they were always made for a Darien. Which they were.
These optional reversible TLTec liners are worn separately under an outer Darien Jacket and are perfect on cool mornings and for all off-the-bike wear. They fold into their own compact zippered pockets, and then can be attached to your bike or worn on a belt like a fanny pack.
Executive summary: A jacket embodying Aerostich’s most bombproof design and construction for more durable comfort and wide all-weather protection. Both liner and shell feature underarm vent zips and plenty of pockets (nine in the outer jacket, six in the liner jacket!). An optional back pad attaches to all Dariens with pre-installed hook-and-loop. Available colors: black, grey, red, hi-viz lime yellow*, tan, or cobalt blue. All Darien jackets come with black details. 36–56. USA.

Size 36 not available with the AirVantage Electric Liner.
Rare Earth Magnets: see Additional Information

Color Picker
Sizing Chart
Sizing Tool
Darien Jacket Owners Guide
TF Pad Removal and Replacement
Darien vs. Darien Light
Ode to Aerostich (Review on Peak Rider World)

Various alterations are available for the Darien Jacket to get that custom fit you expect from an all-purpose jacket.

Hassle Free Sizing Exchange

If you happen to need a different size, return the suit and we'll ship out a replacement free of charge (applies to domestic ground shipments only).

Media Support

Watch ‘Oblivious Guy’ from the Kangaroo Project and the Sean Francis Foundation

Sam Whitehead
Sam Whitehead from American Iron Magazine reviews the Darien Jacket, Darien Pants, and Combat Touring Boots

Additional Information

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There are four rare earth magnets to remove:

  • One (about the size of a quarter), inside the jacket on each side of the upper chest/collar,
  • One (about the size of a dime) at each end of the collar - removable from a small pocket with a hook and loop closure.

Important Information Regarding Rare Earth Magnets

Darien ‘Cutaway’ Hem Roll

The Darien is a ¾ length design – it’s just long enough to cover a suitcoat and is the perfect length for standing-on-the-pegs dual sporting and adventure riding. For all camping and other rugged outdoor activities, too. But sometimes it feels a little too long, especially if you ride a sport or sport touring bike with the classic lean-forward body position handlebars.

An easy solution for some riders is to roll/fold the jacket front hem up underneath the zipper. After a couple of times it becomes automatic. You don’t even think about it because it takes not even two seconds. Give it a try.

—Mr. Subjective, 2014

Darien ‘Cutaway’ Hem Roll Darien ‘Cutaway’ Hem Roll

MMM Product Review: Aerostich Darien Jacket

My love affair with the Aerostich Darien jacket was quickly developed and has been growing stronger with every passing riding season. It was my first real motorcycle related purchase and one that I have benefited from every since.

Within a few months of the purchase of my first real bike I was off in a far away land (Iowa) searching for towns that may or may not exist with fellow I've Been Everywhere Grand Tour riders. My Aerostich Darien jacket was about to take its first test. We experienced damn near every type of summer weather on this ride and by the end of the summer I had the frost and snow feather in my cap too. Dirt roads, random rain storms and gusting wind. But nothing would compare to what was coming. We had decided it was time to head home. After a good meal and some 'BS'ing we were on the road. Destination, Des Moines. Turn north and blast home.

About an hour south of the Minnesota border we ran into a wall of water. Not just a rain storm, a wall of water. Now being a new rider, I figured we would find the next exit and wait it out or at least let it die down a bit. We didn't even slow down... Continue to Full Review


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