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11 Ways to Ride More

411 information about how to be a motorcycle commuter, sort of approximately in general order of some kind of loose priority.

Personal AM/FM/Weather Receiver

1. Know the weather as soon as you wake up.

Look out bedroom window if it is daylight already, and have an indoor outdoor thermometer. If you want to get fancy, also have a barometer and a weather radio, or use commercial TV and Radio weather reports.

Aerostich Elkskin Roper Gloves

2. Have more than one weight of rider’s glove.

I can get along with two. Elkskin and Insulated elk skin Roper. For some commutes and in some climates you may need more. Locate all on dedicated shelf near bike and other gear.

Aerostich Shoulder Saver Hanger

3. Set up a place near your bike dedicated to your gear.

Wall hangers for helmets and this shoulder saver hanger.

Microfiber Packable Shirt

4. Have a couple of mid-layers at-the-ready, available at the same dedicated location as the rest of your gear.

For my commute and weather I have a microfiber shirt, a 100wt microfleece pullover and an electric bib.

Aerostich Messenger Bags

5. Keep a backpack or courier bag at-the-ready.

I use both, but for different missions, and they are kept together, on a small chair out of the way in the corner of the dining room/kitchen area. Backpacks and Courier Bags are faster, simpler and easier to use and more reliable than bungees, cargo-nets and straps.

Aerostich LP (Lightweight Portable) Bag

6. Have extra ‘overload’ carrying capacity.

A Lightweight Portable Bag is always inside both my Courier Bag and my Backpack. And there’s an Adjustable Bungee on the bike. Both are essential for grocery stops and other mid-commute procurement errands.

Roadcrafter One Piece Suit

7. Have a one piece riding suit.

There’s a mail-order company that makes a pretty good one called ‘Aerostich’. The suits are too expensive but one of them has been my every day, every mission over-suit coverall for more than twenty years. They last a reasonably long time and make it possible to ride to any destination, in almost any weather condition. For my mostly surface-street commute, the R-3 Light model works best.

Aerostich Boot Raincovers

8. Have rain booties or over-boots for bad weather days.

If the rest of you can ride dry in rain, you’ll need these, too.

Garage Door Opener

9. Have a tiny garage door opener remote.

(Skip this if you don’t have a garage or powered garage door.) Here are three if you do have a garage with a power-door. Mine is on a mini-carabiner that attaches to the shoulder strap of my backpack. And transfers quickly to a riding suit pocket or the Courier Bag if needed.

All Purpose Cleaner

10. Have face-shield cleaner station.

I keep a bottle of this and a roll of paper towels on a shelf near my helmet. This is used about once a week.

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