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Pricing and Discounts

Aerostich offers a number of special discounts. Aerostich gear is sold factory direct to provide the highest handmade quality, direct expert service and lowest prices possible.

International Orders - Currency conversion rates are close estimates only. All sales are processed in dollars (USD) and conversions are made by card-processing banks on the actual transaction date.

Military Discount - If you are an active member of the U.S. Military you are eligible for a 15% discount on all Aerostich brand items. Send your order to us using a .mil or .gov email address or send us a copy of your Military ID.

Motorcycle Industry Discount - A 15% discount on Aerostich brand items is provided to MSF instructors and select OEM/motorcycle industry persons, including persons employed at motorcycle dealerships, motorcycle accessory manufacturers, etc.  Send a scan of a business card or MSF I.D. to verify.

Rider Training Program Award Discount - 10% off first order of any Aerostich brand item or items. Qualifying individuals include all successful graduates of MSF and other Professional Rider Training Programs, within one year of graduation. Send a scan of course completion document.

Crash Replacement Discount - 15% off the price of a replacement Aerostich brand item for a non-repairable ‘crash totaled’ same item. Items are unrepairable when the Aerostich-estimated cost of repairs exceeds half the selling price of the item when sold new. (Not the item’s current price.)

Factory Store Discount - 5% discount on all Aerostich brand items purchased at the store located at our factory. Take a ride to visit us!

Sale Items - Sale items are available on our website ( at savings of up to 90%. These may be discontinued merchandise, irregulars, returns, closeouts, special purchases, samples, etc. Inventory rotates quickly so check these deals often, or sign up for our weekly email list.

Please contact us if you have any questions.