1. Placing telephone orders
  2. Placing International Orders.
  3. Exchanges, Refunds, and Repairs.
  4. What if a product is on backorder?
  5. What forms of payment are accepted?
  6. Crash And Abrasion Considerations?
  7. Nylon And Friction?
  8. “Not Ce Approved” Labels?
  9. Darien Versus Roadcrafter?
  10. Mail Order Sizing And Fitting?
  11. Fitting Women?
  12. Buying Sight Unseen?
  13. Maintaining Breathable Fabrics?
  14. Cleaning/Laundering?
  15. Waterproofing Zippers?
  16. Color Durability?

United States Telephone Ordering:

Telephone ordering service is available Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. and Saturdays 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. (we are closed on Saturdays from Nov 1 through April 1) US Central Time (-6 hrs GMT)
Toll Free 1-800-222-1994
International 1-218-722-1927
Fax 1-218-720-3610

International Telephone Ordering:

The country code for dialing the United States is 1, which is placed before our local number of 218-722-1927, and preceded by your international access prefix. We are -6 hrs GMT. English language telephone ordering service is available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. US Central Time (-6 hrs GMT), Monday thru Friday. Fax us at 218-720-3610 (24 hrs).

Japanese and Spanish our not our primary languages. Please help us correct our language mistakes. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

From the UK dial 00-1-218-722-1927 between 2 p.m. and 2 a.m. UK time.

What if the product is on backorder?

If an item is not available when your order is received, we will ship it in a reasonable amount of time (this can vary from a few days to a couple of weeks), or notify you.

Do you offer Exchanges, Refunds, or Repairs?

Send items insured and prepaid; include invoice number and reason for return. Exchanges and returns must be in new condition. Items sent in for repairs must be clean. Customer is responsible for all shipping charges.

Send items to:
Aero Design & Manufacturing Company
8 South 18th Avenue West
Duluth, MN 55806

Please contact receiving@aerostich.com with any questions.

Does Aerostich/RiderWearHouse accept International Orders?

We welcome international orders!


Buying direct from the United States is easy and convenient. Credit cards, fax machines, direct dial telephone service, and air shipping allow easy transactions between countries. We export large amounts of merchandise every year. All Aerostich products and Riderwearhouse Catalog items are shipped from stock the same day we receive your order. (If a specific size and color of Roadcrafter suit is not in inventory, we will notify you with an estimated delivery date. Production time ranges form one to four weeks.) all standard Aerostich items may be sent back for a refund, but the item(s) being returned must be in new condition.

To order

To place an order use our web site, use our fax #: 218-720-3610 (24 hours) or telephone #: 218-722-1927 (-6 hrs GMT). Our 800 number does not work outside of the United States.

Dialing Instructions

Your region's international telephone access prefix is unique. Your local operator will give it to you. The country code number for all of the US is "1", but before this number( and our area and local number), an international access prefix must be dialed. For example, in Japan this prefix is 001, in the UK it is 00, in Germany it is 00, and in Australia it is 0011. Our complete number from the UK would be: 00-1-218-722-1927, and from Germany it would be: 00-1-218-722-1927.


Our prices are in US dollars. We accept Visa, Mastercard, JCB, American Express and Discover credit cards. Currency conversion rates are close estimates only. Currency is automatically exchanged at the market rate on the day of the transaction (which is the day of shipment) when using these cards. We also accept Postal or Bank Money Orders in US funds. We do not ship COD on any orders.


We ship via UPS WorldWide Express service. In many countries UPS collects all duties, tariffs, and VAT (value-added tax) at the delivery address so you do not have to pick up your package at customs. Please call your local UPS office for details. For information on duty rates, tariffs, VAT, and import restrictions, please contact your local customs office (or calculate it using this third party import duty calculator). All shipping charges, duties, tariffs, and VAT are the responsibility of the customer. An Aerostich Roadcrafter or Darien riding suit parcel weighs about 5 kilos. Insured air shipments up to this weight to Europe, Japan and Australia are about $65. To central and South America it is about $90. To the Middle East, Africa and Russia it is about $100. Shipments of twice this weight cost slightly less than twice these amounts.


If you have questions about these procedures, please contact us

What forms of payment are accepted?

Credit Card via Phone/Fax

You may fax or phone your information to us directly. Once approved your order will then be shipped.
Toll Free 1-800-222-1994
International 1-218-722-1927
Fax 1-218-720-3610

Direct Credit Card Entry

At the menu you will be prompted to enter your credit card information. The server will enter a secure transaction encryption mode during transmission. Once your transaction is approved your order will be shipped. Your credit card will only then be charged at the time of shipment. Credit card orders are processed for payment only on the same day that an order is shipped. Credit card payment for items that are back-orderd or for Aerostich gear that is being produced-to-order are not processed until the completed order is shipped. We accept the following cards: American Express, Discover Card, JCB, Master Card, and Visa. We actively pursue and prosecute criminals who engage in credit card fraud.

International Orders: Currency exchange rates are calculated and exchange is made by the the credit card companies on the date the transaction (order payment) is processed, which is always the same day of shipment.

Personal Check

Send us your personal check. Your order will ship after the check has been cleared by your bank. Please allow 7-10 days for check clearing. Be sure to write down the order number on the final confirmation screen on the check. International Orders: Personal checks submitted from outside of the United States are not accepted. For further information see the international ordering information section in the customer service area. Make checks payable to: Riderwearhouse Catalog
Send to:

Riderwearhouse Catalog
8 S 18th Ave W
Duluth, MN 55806-2148

We do not offer COD (Collect on Delivery).


Compared to leather of the same weight and thick-ness, Cordura® nylon is a stronger material. But hides are thicker and heavier so they offer greater abrasion resistance. We repair about twenty or thirty Aerostich garments a month. About a third of these were in crashes that produced some abrasion damage. Several common themes have emerged. Though Aerostich suits are not as abrasion resistant as racing leathers, they offer significant and useful protection, especially at typical street speeds. Aerostich wearers often think of their suit as “sacrificial” in the same way a car’s airbag gets used up by its deployment. These garments are lighter, cooler and easier to use in bad weather (etc.), but less crash-durable than leathers. On average, street riders seem to crash only at infrequent intervals. How gear feels and works during the intervening years of use and the tens of thousands of miles of riding is very important. Most street crashes occur between 20 and 50 mph, not between 50 and 100. For each Roadcrafter suit that was in a 100 mph crash, we get dozens that need smaller repairs because the rider fell down at 35 mph. For these kinds of everyday spills, even the fanciest leathers do not offer protective advantages. We make gear to help you use a motorcycle more and be better protected. It has to be safe, easy to use, and comfortable for everyday riding.


Although we have not conducted tests comparing the friction coefficients of Cordura® suits to leathers on various pavement surfaces, we have collected a significant amount of relevant information. We repair many Aerostich suits every year, and most of these are damaged by sliding on all kinds of pavements. Many of the wearers (testers...?) had previous crash experiences with leathers. Post-crash wearers typically comment that their Aerostich was “slipperier” than their old leathers. The consensus is that Cordura® slides a little better and tends to roll and tumble the wearer somewhat less than leather. After studying hundreds of accidents, former Motorcyclist magazine editor and professional accident reconstructionist Gordon Jennings believed that more crash injuries (broken shoulders, etc.) were caused by tumbling than by the incrementally increased chances of hitting something due to sliding farther.


CE impact standards involve both energy absorption capability and pad shape and size. Aerostich TF pads do not match these European standards because of their shapes, not their energy absorption capabilities. In hard-shelled areas, TF armor tested significantly better than most other CE approved armor. Around the softer edges, it tests lower. TF armor was tested at a CE lab in England and using a duplicate of the test apparatus here. TF pads were developed (years before CE standards existed) to provide effective protection when fitted into the over suit designs of Roadcrafters and Dariens. Because of this, TF pads allow comfort with various combinations of street clothing better than CE shapes. Roadcrafter suits were the first riders garments in the world to use removable armor pad systems, and to use an advanced energy absorbing material like TF. When we introduced TF armor, all protective garments, including road racing suits, featured sewn-in padding made from felt, foam rubber or other less effective materials. Legal Notice: These garments are not considered to be “personal protective equipment” as defined in or within the scope of, the personal protective equipment (EC Directive) regulations 1992 (S.I.1992/3139) and no liability will be accepted arising out of these garments non-compliance with such regulations.


The Roadcrafter provides more double layers of fabric over a larger area than the Darien. These include the elbow/shoulder/knee areas of ballistics nylon and additional Roadcrafter pockets. On the other hand, the Darien is lighter and cooler to wear. Crash events most commonly occur between 30 and 70 mph. Within this range the Darien, DarienLight, RoadcrafterLight and Roadcrafter all provide useful abrasion protection. All three provide more than jeans and windbreaker jackets. Riders on powerful sport bikes will prefer the closer fit and greater protection a Roadcrafter suit offers. Roadcrafters are available in short, regular, and long, and Dariens are all regulars, so if you are extra short or tall, go with the Roadcrafter. Getting a good fit is more important than the functional differences.


We are experts at providing a great fit. We’ve talked to thousands of riders about their size, bike, local climate and personal riding applications. We use a questionnaire to help learn the right things, so you’ll get the best fit with your Roadcrafter or Darien. Our most experienced associates do this successfully about 90% of the time. Every order is double checked for accuracy. Ordering factory direct gives you access to more sizes than are available elsewhere. The one piece Roadcrafter comes in twenty-five different offthe-rack standard sizes. Let us help you find the one that provides the most precise fit.


Compared to men of the same height, women usually have slightly narrower shoulders, longer legs and arms, and slightly shorter torsos. Shoulder widths are also narrower. Roadcrafters and Dariens are looser fitting designs so about about 60% of women find standard 'mens' graded Aerostich suits fit without alterations. Of the remaining 40%, about half will receive a good fit with one of the available women's graded sizes, or after minor sleeve/arm/gusset/etc., alterations. Fully tailor made garments are not available.


Things bought by mail order can sometimes be dissatisfying. Smaller than pictured. Or cheaply made. Or somehow just-not-nice. Aerostich was established to pioneer textile riders clothing. The RiderWearHouse catalog was created to sell riding tools and riders gear that make motorcycling better. You will find goods made with quality, integrity, long service, a little fun... and real value. When you open your package, we want your order to be better than you expected. We want your business and value your trust.


After the manufacturing process that bonds a breathable/waterproof membrane to Cordura® fabric, a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) chemical treatment is applied that prevents water from being absorbed into the Cordura’s fibers. If the Cordura® fibers become saturated in wet conditions, this water forms a barrier causing vapor to condense on the inside surface. Over time and after extended wear, the original DWR treatment wears away and must be renewed. Periodically laundering gear with a wash-in treatment like Nikwax TX Direct®, or applying a post-wash water repellent product like Scotchgard® or Granger®, will ensure that water beads and runs off the fabric, and that vapor will always be able to pass through, even in wet conditions. Maintaining the DWR also helps textile gear dry faster after being in rain.


Machine washing is recommended. Remove the TF pads and the contents of all the pockets. Close all zippers. Use the regular wash cycle, and a “warm” water setting with mild liquid detergent. Run the complete wash/rinse cycle a second or third time with water only to remove any residual detergent. Machine dry at a medium temperature. Do not use anti-static products. Hook & loop fasteners pick up lint so avoid laundering with cotton towels. Clean hook & loop using a fine comb. Small stains can be removed using “spot cleaning” stain removal products. Citrus based cleaners work well for oil stains.


The Roadcrafter Classic's unique zipper arrangement can become a source of water entry in extremely wet conditions. To dramatically improve performance in severe conditions use either a wash-in water repellent or hand seal these areas:

  • Stitching around both underarm zips.
  • The knit zipper fabric along the right leg zipper.
  • The stitching and knit zipper fabric along the left leg zipper from two inches above the bottom of the hook & loop flap, to below the knee.

Wash-in repellents like Nikwax TX Direct® penetrate everywhere during laundering. In addition to improving breathability in wet conditions, they minimize leaks around zippers. Seam sealing products like Seam Grip®, should be thinned enough to completely soak into the fabric, thread, and stitching. (Use Cotol® or Toulene.) Apply sealant to both the knit zipper fabric and the stitching.


Weather and strong sunlight may cause some fading of fabric color dyes. Similar fading occurs in all types of clothing from leathers to blue jeans. This is normal wear and does not affect the strength, waterproofness or overall performance of textile garments. Red dyes show color loss fastest. Fading can be minimized by washing with milder soaps, drying at lower temperatures and occasionally re-applying a water and stain repellent or a UV inhibitor product like UV Tech®.