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2018 Main Catalog

Aerostich RiderWear Catalog

124 MB

Aerostich Suits
Aerostich Suits
30 MB
Off And Riding
Off and Riding
19 MB
Packing It In
Packing It In
11 MB
Navigate & Communicate
Navigate and Communicate
6 MB
14 MB
Off The Road
Off the Road Again
17 MB
A To B
A to B Utilities
7 MB
Prevent Or Repair
Prevent or Repair
22 MB

2018 Spring Supplement

Aerostich RiderWear Catalog

Download PDF (19.2 MB)

2018 Holiday Catalog

Aerostich RiderWear Catalog

Download PDF (19.2 MB)

Aerostich Suit Owners Guides, Service, and Repair Manuals

Name Size
R-3 / R-3 Light Owners Guide 627 KB
RoadcrafterLight Owner's Guide 565 KB
Roadcrafter Classic Owner's Guide 282 KB
Transit Owner's Guide 1009 KB
Quick Start Owner's Guide for Roadcrafter or Darien Suit 93 KB
Care for your Roadcrafter or Darien Suit 79 KB
Darien Owner's Guide 183 KB
Darien Pants Owners Guide 60 KB
Falstaff Owners Guide 167 KB
A.D.1 Owners Guide 110 KB
Utility Pants Owners Guide 71 KB
Back Pad, Competition Pad, and Hip Pads 80 KB
Combat Touring Boots Guide 119 KB
Repair Manual 272 KB
Adjustable Carry Strap Owner's Guide 153 KB
Roadcrafer Accessory Guide 258 KB
Snap & Slider Replacement Guide 291 KB
Important Information Regarding Rare Earth Magnets 120 KB
TF Pad Removal and Replacement 152KB
Seam Sealing Tape and Hook & Loop Repairs 51KB

Kanetsu Electric Owners Guides and Service Manuals

Name Size
Kanetsu AirVantage Electric Vest Owners Guide 881 KB
Kanetsu AirVantage Electric Liner Owners Guide 912 KB
Kanetsu AirVantage Owners Guide Supplement 116 KB
Kanetsu Electric Vest Owners Guide 781 KB
Kanetsu Electric Liner Owners Guide 805 KB
Electric WarmBib Owners Guide 979 KB
Kanetsu Electrical Accessories Guide 609 KB

Bags & Storage Owners Guides and Service Manuals

Name Size
Aerostich Tank Pannier Installion Guide 134 KB
KLR Tank Pannier Mounting Instructions 181 KB
Aerostich Courier Bag Owners Guide 1.0 MB
Ortlieb Dry Bag Duffel Grip Removal Guide 60 KB
Stabilizer Strap Installtion Guide 59 KB
MotoFizz Camping Seat Bag Owner's Guide 733 KB
Aerostich Ultralight Bike Cover Owners Guide 59 KB
Vaude Backpack Guide 3 MB
Plastics Compatibility Advisory 59 KB

Electrical & Audio Owners Guides and Service Manuals

Name Size
Aerostich Warm Wrap Grips Instructions 431 KB
Heated Grip Kit Installation Tips 119 KB
Ear Cannon & Fiamm Blaster Installation Guide 167 KB
MotoFizz Thermo Clock Operating Instructions 556 KB
Aerostich Self-Contained Alarm Owners Guide 397 KB
Aerostich Molex™ Connector Assembly 3.24 MB
Aerostich PDM60 (Power Distribution Module) Owners Guide 3.24 MB
Nolan N-Com Communication Kit Needs Guide 686 KB
Nolan N-Com "How It Works" Guide 520 KB
Mounting Instructions for the Sigma Speedometer 177 KB
Sound Warning 59 KB

Repair Products Owners Guides and Service Manuals

Name Size
Bead Breaker Owners Guide 1.47 MB
Aluminum Wheel Crate Workstand Owner's Guide 844 KB
Tyre Fitment Guide 824 KB
Wheel Balancer Assembly Instructions 1.44 MB
AccuGauge Instructions 857 KB
Aerostich Chain Oiler Kit Installation Instructions 992 KB
eFill Siphon System Owners Guide 1.34 MB
Speed Bleeder Size Chart 56 KB
Emergency Tire Repair Guide 90 KB
CTB Repair Services 32 KB
CBT Strap Replacement Instructions 353 KB

General Product Owners Guides and Service Manuals

Name Size
Aerostich Touch-Screen Elkskin Ropers User Guide 267 KB
Aerostich Combat Touring Boots Owners Guide 129 KB
Aerostich Emergency Rain Boot & Pants Covers Owners Guide 2.95 MB
Aerostich Elk & Deerskin Washable Leather Instructions 1010 KB
Aerostich Triple Digit Rain Covers Owners Guide 257 KB
Multi-Size Reusable Earplug Guide 67 KB
Adjustable Bungee & Power Hook Owner's Guide 354 KB
Arrow Head® Lane Change Indicators Instructions 876 KB
Aerostich Silk Scarf Owner's Guide 218 KB
Aerostich D-Ring & Quick Release Strap Instructions 178 KB
Aerostich Sheepskin Saddle Pad Owner's Guide 157 KB
Motorcycle GPS Tips 39 KB
Aerostich Lane Share Tool Manual 1.04 MB
Roadkill Combat Stickers 2.55 MB
Headlight Shield Owners Guide 1.5 MB
Rollie Free Weathervane Installtion Guide 229 KB
Self-Tapping Tire Studs Owner's Guide 248 KB

Police Roadcrafter Information

Name Size
Police Roadcrafter Two Piece Suit 57.4 KB
Police Roadcrafter Information 1.7 MB

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