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Aero Design & Mfg. Co. Inc. was formed in 1983 to develop a completely new type of textile-based gear for motorcyclists. We wanted to invent a lightweight armored garment offering convenience, comfort, and high levels of protection in bad weather and crashes - all combined in a coverall-type suit made for everyday motorcycle use. That garment was (and still is...) named the Roadcrafter suit.

The new suit needed to be very quick and easy to get on and off, and light enough to wear over regular clothing in warmer weather. Several then-recent textile advances made this new type of garment possible. Two important ones were Gore-Tex breathable membranes and Cordura nylon fabrics. Combining these two (for the first time ever) created a new material that allowed Aerostich to invent the world's first lightweight, armored, abrasion and weather resistant textile motorcycle riders suit.

Sometimes riders did not understand the new Aerostich Roadcrafter's unconventional coverall-inspired design and its advantages. Leather gear was the standard then, so the new Cordura/Gore-tex material's strength, abrasion resistant capabilities and crash-protective qualities (compared to leathers) were unknown and widely suspect. To help 'explain' the garment better we sold them only by mail order, using detailed catalog descriptions. Each suit also came with a four page owner's manual describing how to wear and take care of a Roadcrafter suit.

Today we offer several varieties of advanced technology riders suits and provide extensive alteration and repair services. Textiles provide excellent protection, but they are more sacrificial in crashes than leathers so this is important. From the start, we learned how to provide a precise, accurate fit from telephoned sizing information.

In 1995 we began adding a few related resale items to Aerostich's mail order catalog. Today the catalog offers several thousand specialized products that help make riding better, safer, more comfortable and easier. Many of the 'Aerostich Riderwearhouse' catalog items are unique, or hard to find elsewhere. Please request a catalog.

Every Aerostich manufactured product is subject to a process of continuous incremental refinement. Each is intended to make motorcycling easier, more convenient, more comfortable, safer or better. Selling Aerostich gear factory-direct allows us to provide the best service and prices. Each customer receives expert answers to questions about a product's fit, function, care and use. Since the beginning our operations center and world headquarters has been (...and continues to be) located here.

1994 Aerostich Website
(This is a clickable, but not-order-functional, archive of our first website.)

In 2008 we organized a 25th anniversary party called The Very Boring Rally to thank our customers friends and associates. View pictures from the 2003 Very Boring Rally. We also held a 30th anniversary party in 2013, and a 35th anniversary party in 2018.

Product history video, produced for annual 'Fourth of July Sale', 2009

2006 NTSB Motorcycle Safety Forum: Aerostich Experiences Making and Selling Textile Riders Clothing

Statement of Mr. Andy Goldfine, presented at the NTSB's (National Transportation Safety Board's) Public Forum on Motorcycle Safety, September 12-13, 2006
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2009-2011 Aerostich Website
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2014 Wheelnerds Interview with Andy Goldfine

Aerostich company history, Wheelnerds ( Podcast, episode 109, 6-12-14
(Full length 1:07, last 7 min is on Ride To Work Day):

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Aerostich Product Introduction Dates

Zip-Off Sleeves #1458 2005 First fleece zip-off sleeves.
Silk Scarf #1549 2005
Kanetsu Air Vantage Vest #1457 2004 First electric vest with air insert.
Windstopper Jersey #1859 2004 No logo windstop jersey.
Combat Lite Boots #404, #484 2004
Off-Road Jersey #1867 2004 No logo/plain jersey.
Titanium Sidestand Plate #4640 2004 First titanium sidestand plate.
Lightweight Touring Book #5800 2004 Compact 'take along' reference.
Hosebottle Kit #1374 2003 First kit for pressurizing plastic drink containers.
Narrow Map Pocket #143 2003  
Faceshield Bags #1032 2003 Fleece and Cotton versions.
Map Pocket Tank Adapters #193, #194 2003 Strap on and velcro versions. (Strap on version no longer available.)
Molex Kit #2688 2003 Pre-packaged Molex Connector Kit.
Arborwear Pants #2814 2003 First gusseted canvas pants with TF2 impact pad system.
Ride There License Frame #3358 2003  
Offset Zipper Sweater #632 2003 Fleece sweater with offset placket zip.
Elkskin Gauntlet Glove #464, #465, #466 2003 First elk + deer riders glove.
Frame Loops #1903 2002 Webbing loops for attaching items to motorcycles.
Frame Loops Royale #9043 2002 Webbing loops for attaching items to motorcycles.
Banana Pack #9042 2002 Self-storing fanny pack.
Carbon Fiber Sidestand Plate MKII Deluxe #1425 2002  
Lexan Surface #4004 2002 Lexan panel camping tool.
Giftwrap Paper #4400 2002 First motorcycle themed giftwrap.
Sportbike Slippers #3442 2002  
ATL 200 Cleaner #4596 2002 Motor Surface Cleaner
Self-Contained Alarm #4560 2002 Remote controlled motion detecting alarm system.
Mr. Happy Puppet #3330 2002  
Ultralight Cover #1754, #1756 2002 First ultralight/compact cover
Tire Repair Kit #4509 2002  
Hosebag & Royale Hosebag #1358, #1371 2002 First evaporatively cooled pressurized hydration systems.
Ultralight Rainpants #409 2002 First rainpants to use waterproof zippers and self store in a small pocket.
Clock Clip #4230 2002 Clip on handlebar clock.
Personal Analog Assistant #2360 2002 Nylon sleeve pen and writing kit.
Packable Boot Raincover #407 2002 First boot raincover to self-store in toe pocket.
Sheepskin Seat Pads #1890 2002 First sheepskin seat pads with mesh neoprene bottom and bungee attachment loops.
H.D. Sleeve Pocket #1332 2002  
Greg Fraiser Pockets #405 2002 First add-on pocket for carrying valuables in boots.
Bike Lock #1153 2002 Specialized locks with short cables and cylinder type locking mechanisms.
Cable Lock #1155, #1156 2002 Specialized locks with short cables and cylinder type locking mechanisms.
Elastcord Spyder #1914 2001 First holders and pockets for accessory attachment to courier bag shoulder straps.
Water Bottle Holder #1913 2001 First holders and pockets for accessory attachment to courier bag shoulder straps.
Cell Phone Holster #1917, #1916 2001 First holders and pockets for accessory attachment to courier bag shoulder straps.
Side Zip Waterproof Bags #9010 2001 First waterproof side zip gear storage bag.
Lycra Riding Shorts #1856 2001  
Evap-A-Wrappa Sleeves #1354, #1355, #1356 2001 First evaporative cooling sleeves for plastic drink containers.
D-Type Cargo Straps #1900 2001 Longer webbing straps for attaching items to motorcycles.
Quick Release Cargo Straps #1902 2001 Longer webbing straps for attaching items to motorcycles.
Money Belt #1854 2001 Webbing money belt.
Waterproof Tank Panniers #9024 2001 First waterproof tank panniers.
Clearview Shield #1078 2001 First oval bottle and silicone rubber squeegee. Cleaning Kit.
Titanium Tire Irons #3564 2001  
Paint Saver Mesh #1926 2001 Paint protective mesh padding material.
Carbon Fiberside Stand Plate #1424 2001 First carbon fiber sidestand plate.
Evap-A-Wrappa #1329, #1328 2000 First evaporatively cooled hydration bladder.
Police Roadcrafter #190 2000 First advanced textile motor officer suit.
Triple Digit Rain Glove #442 2000 First lobster claw glove raincover. First glove raincover with ergonomic closure straps.
Falstaff Jacket #170 1999 First armored, vented, reflective, wax cotton jacket.
Evap-O-Danna #550 1999 First synthetic fabric neck cooling bandanna. Patent Pending.
Lightweight Darien Jacket #260 1998 First ultralight textile armored riding jacket.
Lightweight Darien Pants #157 1998 First ultralight textile armored riding pants.
Hi-Viz Darien #132 1998 First Hi-Viz (lime yellow) color synthetic protective fabric riders jacket and riders suits.
Hi-Viz Roadcrafter #120 1998 First Hi-Viz (lime yellow) color synthetic protective fabric riders jackets and riders suits.
Large Map Holder #921 1998  
Large Garage Door Opener Holder #1904 1998  
Garage Door Opener Holder #1906 1998  
Kanetsu Darien Liner #105 1997 First fleece insulated electric jacket.
Parcel Bag #908 1997  
Kanetsu Electric Vest #282 1996 First fleece insulated electric vest. First lighted powercord switch.
Competition Tank Panniers #902 1996  
Lightweight Roadcrafter Suit Storage Bag #371 1994  
Adjustable Bungee 944, #943 1994  
Standard Roadcrafter Suit Storage Bag #373 1994  
Helmet Bag #1015 1993  
Envelope Bags #738 1993  
Darien Jacket #132 1992 First unlined jacket with impact pads and removable fleece liner jacket.
Darien Pants #155 1992 First over-the-boot style off-road pants.
Roadcrafter Bib Pants Converter #126 1992 First bib pant converter.
Polartec Sweater #631 1992 First fleece insulating sweater optimized (long, narrow sleeves, etc..) for riding uses.
Sleeve Window Pocket #152 1991  
TF2 Hip Pads #123 1990 First visco-elastic impact protective hip pad.
Accessory Ellipse for Two Piece Suits #124 1990  
Web Belts (regular & deluxe) #600, #601 1990  
Fleece Bags #720 1990  
Windbands #535 1989 First synthetic textile waterproof/windproof/insulated neck gaiter.
Back Pad #129 1989 First impact protective back pad for street riding uses.
Courier Bag #904 1989 First with integral scotchlite reflective, other features.
Dispatch Bag #905 1989 First with integral scotchlite reflective, other features.
Briefcase Bag #1915 1989  
Wind Triangle #511 1989 First synthetic textile waterproof/windproof insulated bandanna.
Fleece Pants #1633, #630, #1634 1987 First fleece insulating pant for riding application.
Tank Panniers #903 1987 First tank panniers.
Roadcrafter - 2 pc suit #125 1985 First textile armored protective riders jacket and pants.
Fleece Jacket #1630 1985 First fleece insulating jacket for riding application.
Roadcrafter - 1 pc suit #120 1983 First synthetic textile armored protective riders suit.