The Aerostich one-piece suit Ride More Guarantee:

If you try any Aerostich one piece R-3 or Roadcrafter Classic riding suit for one month, and you are not riding more than you did before receiving it, send it back and you will receive a full refund, no questions asked.

An Aerostich one piece suit creates an entirely new kind of riding experience, simply because one chooses to wear it. You will be able to ride more often and easily, and through a wider range of weathers and climates to more different kinds of destinations. This one-piece suit is a versatile all-in-one tool which increases motorcycling mobility because it is comfortable, protective and more convenient than conventional gear.

Here at Aerostich HQ, all moto-commuting co-workers own useful selections of riding jackets and pants, but for commuting we each prefer one piece Aerostich suits because they are much more convenient. Back in 1986, the first Cycle World Roadcrafter product-testing editor wrote: "Those two big YKK zippers are the real news of this suit, for they allow it to be donned or doffed faster than any similar piece of motorcycle clothing. You simply step into the right side of the suit, leg first, then…"

And then you RIDE! Our Ride More Guarantee is about you having the ability to ride more. Try any Aerostich one piece rider's suit and you’ll ride more. We guarantee it.

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