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cold? me?Why You Need an Electric Vest

(Fundamentals of Biological Cooling in Mammals)

When you were a kid, your mom yelled at you to wear your hat and boots, even made you wear those dorky mittens attached to your coat with strings. When you asked why, she just said “Because I told you to.” Mom had the right idea, but here’s a better explanation. When you get cold, your body automatically decreases the amount of blood circulating to your limbs and skin in order to decrease the rate of heat loss and protect the head and vital organs for the longest possible time. So when you’re riding through a damp 55° evening and your hands and feet feel frozen, it’s because your body is trying to protect you by shutting off some of the blood to your extremities. An electric vest will ‘fake out’ your body by keeping your trunk warm, then plenty of warm blood will be allowed to circulate to your fingers and toes, letting you ride in greater comfort and control. The difference is so dramatic that you may never take another trip without an electric vest.