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There is a reason to ride motorcycles. Peel away all the fun and flummery, and your motorcycle is an unbelievably wonderful tool for getting you from A to B. Transporting your head, heart and soul to another level, and your body to wherever you want or need to be. Good for everything going on inside each of us. And for the community and our planet.

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This is bad-assery of the highest order and goes beyond all costumes, moto-fashions and sub-genres: Adventure-rider, endurance-rider, biker, sport-rider, touring-rider, connoisseur/ classic-rider, cafe-rider, scooter-rider. Whatever. For some, it’s always going to be about fitting in and looking cool...and it’s always about style and fashion.

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Aerostich gear is about more riding days. It truly is a tool, a piece of equipment, and not styled or fashion sportswear. Just like a screwdriver or socket or some kind of wrench. The right tool for daily two-wheeled, ride-everywhere personal mobility will make riding easier. And safer. You get smarter, stronger, sharper and smoother. Choose the Aerostich gear that best fits your everyday riding needs...and you’ll ride more. Guaranteed.

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Performance, Sport & Commuting

For any errand. Practical. Efficient. Hard working. Gear that is easier to use, no matter where or when. Saves time and makes everything better. Protective, durable, comfortable. The best quality. Short-hop distances. Gridlock. Filtering. Traffic. On and off the bike. All kinds of weather. All year. Any time. Every season. Year after year, mile after mile. To keep you safe and protected. To any destination. Recommended: R-3, Roadcrafter Classic One Piece.

City, Touring & Everyday

Choose a destination, plan a trip - maps, books, research, GPS coordinates - and hit the open road. Or ride across town, run some errands, take the long way home. Ogle scenery. Gear for any weather, and every location. Pack everything you need for comfort and practicality on the road. Load up the bike with everything you need for work, meetings, appointments or a trip to the store. Fill the tank and enjoy the journey. Wherever it leads you. Recommended: R-3 Light, Classic Light, Darienlight.

Distance, ADV & and Dual Sport

Ride all night. Ride all day. Nap. Eat. Repeat. Mile after mile. For devouring miles to see what’s around the next corner, from rough overgrown unknown two-track to urban wilderness crossings. Remote places to be discovered. Backroads. Stuff to help get you through the long night, coast to coast. The most reliable no-fail gear. Stuff for all conditions. All-weather. Every time. Anywhere. Recommended: Darien, Darienlight.

All-Around, Street, Cafe, Touring

Purposeful gear. Quality stuff, built to last. Things you can rely on. Equipment to keep you safe, comfortable and protected thru every weather, to every destination. Keep stuff organized. Better fit, more comfortable and safer gear. Perfect for everyday. Every destination. All-weather. Recommended: Roadcrafter Classic Two Piece, Falstaff, Cousin Jeremy.

See our sizing chart or use the sizing tool