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Aerostich Kanetsu AIRVANTAGE Electric Vest

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This electrically heated gear has a unique and patented inflatable insert which not only blocks external drafts better than any conventional liner, it also insulates you better. And while it's doing that it also gently urges the heating elements closer to you for a more efficient heat transfer. You'll ride warmer, in greater comfort with less electrical load on your bike.

Traditionally, having an efficient electric garment has meant suffering an uncomfortably close-fitting movement-restricting designs. The Airvantage insert allows you to adjust its exact fit, insulation and overall closeness with a few breaths of air. This feels like a soft warm hug.

Black WINDSTOPPER® smooth outer fabric blocks drafts 100% and packs down small. (US Pat. #7,891,019) Includes: fused, lighted coil cord hookup and power switch. Specify QuiConnect 2, SAE or BMW connectors. 45 watts / 3.3 amps.

Features easily zippered on/off sleeves for multi functionality. Sleeves do not contain electrics. Draws only 45 watts/3.3 amps (works with all BMW can-bus power outlets). Black. S–XL. Made in USA

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Why this Vest kicks a**Review by Brent
I rode from Vancouver, WA to LA and back for Christmas. The first third of the trip to Eureka, CA was mostly dry but in the mid 30s, 400 plus miles in the mid 30s! On the way back the section from Eureka to Vancouver was a little warmer in the high 40s but the last 140 miles was in torrential rain. I could not have made this trip without the vest. It keeps my core warm and functioning. I eventually had some water leaking down the front inside my vest and jacket but even then the vest keeps things warm. The air feature keeps the heat snug against you and that is the difference. This single piece of kit really extends the riding season. (Posted on 12/31/17)
Hands Down the best electric vest availableReview by Jaime
I have worn this vest for well over a decade. Hands down the best electric garment I've ever purchased, and Aerostich stands behind their product.

I had originally purchased the older design which was made from the WindBlocker fleece. When I had sent it in for repairs (it no longer produced any heat) it was replaced at no charge to me for this newer design which has worked reliably ever since.

My only complaint has to do with the accessory zip-off sleeves. If you're going to add them, DON'T buy the matching Windstopper Zip Off sleeves. For the same price you can get the Windblocker Zip Off sleeves which are made of the same fleece material of which the original vest was made. These sleeves will provide some insulation towards keeping your arms warm despite not being a perfect color match. (Posted on 4/17/17)
A great addition to my bike clothing inventoryReview by Scott
I bought this vest for a ride from San Diego to Minneapolis in late spring. Rode in light snow in both Utah and Yellowstone. Temps in the low 40's to low 50's for a week, and plenty of rain. I wore this vest over a long sleeved t-shirt, and under a heavy leather jacket and I was always comfortable. This is a great product, very comfortable, and durable. I highly recommend it, as does my wife. 6'1, 210 lbs and the Large fits well. (Posted on 3/29/17)
Thank you Al GoreReview by DucDucGuzzi
I bought this for fall riding season in New England but thanks to Al Gore and his global warming it has been too warm to truly test out
Construction is great finish is perfect I find the arm holes a little snug (maybe I need to diet)
Test riding has only been on a GB500 leaning fwd
huff'e and puff'd it up for a nice fit, plugged into my battery via my Battery tender pigtail I am waiting for a cold weekend morning in Massachusetts (Posted on 12/13/15)
Great but too shortReview by Jonathan
I bought this vest 5 years ago together with the windstopper zip off sleeve.
It works well. The ability to inflate means it is pressed against you so great transfer of heat and added insulation so what's not to like?
The optional extension is worth getting as well for ease of connecting.
First it is cut very short - just a little below my belly button. It could do with at least two inches and may be as much as 4 inches longer. It looks ridiculous when worn as a casual jacket and doesn't provide the right level of coverage. (I am 6' and went for the M which is a little tight when blown up.)
Second I wish I'd bought the full jacket. To get the maximum benefit you can't wear much under the jacket. So even under the windstopper sleeves my arms get cold.
Third a bit of niggle getting cable through pocket of Roadcrafter without drafts. (Posted on 10/9/15)
Fantastic productReview by Scotty
Bite the bullet and pay the high cost for this vest. It works exactly as advertised, and has made a real difference in my cold weather riding. I no longer have to risk being distracted by cold or layers of gear.

As others have described the functions in 3 ways depending on if it's on and inflated or not. Off the bike it is a normal looking garment which is a bonus.

My only complaint is that Aerostich needed 3 attempts to get delivery correct. The first 2 times the inflation tube was not installed into the vest. Don't try installing it yourself unless you are really bored or into frustration! (Posted on 3/4/15)
Minnesota Nice!Review by Charlie
This is an awesome vest! I have been skeptical of heated clothing, but I am now a believer. It keeps me toasty warm without endless layers of bulk. I was happy to find the double-pull zipper so I could release the bottom hem for more freedom at the waist. Once I figured out to attach the switch to the tank bag where I could see it, I found it easy to use even with gloves on. The medium fits my 38" chest pretty snug, so it only takes a couple of puffs to inflate it so it fits tightly. A very well thought-out product. (Posted on 4/17/14)
Kanetsu Airvantage Vest - A ReviewReview by Tom
The Kanetsu (a Japanese word for “heated”) Airvantage vest is made of a slippery shell (marked “Windstopper”) with internal insulation. It seems to contain only the Airvantage air bladder(s) and the heating wire. As a result, when not blown up the vest is not bulky under other riding clothing.
The outer shell material makes it easier to pull a riding jacket (or Aerostich suit, I’d guess) on over it without the vest catching or bunching up. The vest can seemingly be worn either side out, though I only use it with the wires between me and the air bladder(s) rather than the other way around. When worn as I wear the vest, the collar has a comfortable lining (ultrasuede?) next to the rider’s skin.
I am about 6’ tall and 180lbs. A size large vest fits me well, being in between snug and loose (when not blown up).
Electrical Connection:
The vest comes with the buyer’s choice of SAE plugs (also called trailer plugs) or QuiConnect2 connectors. As I’ve had a long and hateful history with failing SAE plugs (they develop internal resistance, get hot and steal current from your vest, leaving you cold), I chose the QuiConnect2 hardware.
As there is no choice of connector for the vest end of the cable (it’s SAE only), I make sure to not allow that connector to be twisted or pulled on by providing some kind of strain-relief to protect the connector.
The curly power cable includes an on-off pushbutton switch that is lighted by the bike’s end of the cable. That would seem to be obvious, but what it means in practice is that it’s possible to have the cable disconnected from the vest and still have the light on when the switch is depressed. This makes it possible (though unlikely) for the rider to look at the lighted switch and believe the vest is connected when it’s actually not.
Wind Blocking:
The vest is labeled as being wind blocking and it works as advertised. When worn under a textile riding jacket that is itself not wind blocking, I noticed a distinct difference in how much of the (cold) wind reached my arms compared with my torso under the vest. Check.
Heating Without Airvantage:
The vest works like most other vests when it’s used without the Airvantage bladder(s) blown up. The rider feels heat here and not there and winds up either changing posture or taking a deep breath or both in order to help the distribution of warmth. In summary, about average for a generic electric vest. It provides warmth but needs to be helped along a bit by the wearer.
Heating With Airvantage:
All complaints about uneven heat disappear with a bit of air added to the mix. Breathing into the filler tube two or three times has the vest snuggling up to my lower back and immediately feeling warmer all around. It’s really a fundamental improvement, to the point that I think the extra money spent for the Airvantage feature over the regular Kanetsu vest is some of the best money I’ve spent for riding clothing.
The Fill Tube:
The fill tube includes a clever rubber/plastic cap that can be inserted in one way to just keep whatever goobers out of it and in another way to allow the vest to “breath out” all the way - for packing the vest away.
Interestingly to me, the user instructions that came with the vest mention that the fill tube can be shortened and noted that the most common amount to shorten it is about 2 inches. I’m not sure why I’d shorten it as it doesn’t get in my way and I can reach it without bending my neck weirdly. Dunno, maybe I’ll change my mind about that at some point.
This is a nice piece of equipment, made of quality materials and with clever design features that make it stand out from other products. Rider Wearhouse is proud of these vests, I imagine, with that pride being reflected in the price. :-) To me, though, cold weather gear is one of the the things I’ve found it makes to “just spend the money”. (Posted on 12/23/13)
AlaskaReview by Wrench
Bought this vest to cut down on the clothes load on a Seattle to Fairbanks and return trip this fall. Never owned heated gear before. This vest was a life saver!! I did not buy a thermostat for the vest and had to moderate the heating by more or less air in the vest and by switching the vest on and off. Have now purchased the thermostat. Our trip had poor weather, cold and rainy. We scraped frost on the bike in the AM and most of 3 weeks were in the rain some part of the day. The vest kept me toasty warm everywhere but the hands. I worried when buying it that I should have bought the coat rather than vest. Now having used it, I'm sure the coat would be nice but the vest did the majority of the work in the coldest temps we encountered. I fully recommend this article for function and quality. I suggest getting the thermostat as I now have but it's lack does not limit the use of the vest, only means you have more fussing to do with the on/off switch while riding. (Posted on 9/19/13)
Game changerReview by Alex
This vest is awesome. I've worn it over an undershirt and dress shirt, with a leather jacket over top and ridden into the high 20s. It keeps your core very warm, but breathes well. I didn't get the sleeves option. I've also worn the same base layers with a roadcrafter on top and felt very warm. Love this product. (Posted on 12/18/12)

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Product Videos


Simplifying Comfort (...a Better Power-cord)

Lighted power switch coil cord

We have been making this pretty neat coil cord power control for twenty years. I remember designing it to be an illuminated hi-low inline switch of such small dimension that it would not be a 'lump' in the middle of a compact coily power cord. We went round-and-round trying to find a switch which would allow a better functioning and packaging design. Something tactually, visually, and ergonomically lighter and cleaner.

And there still isn't anything as good in terms of simplicity and overall handy-ness. I wanted this cord switch to be so easy to use one could forgo a thermostat. They always seemed useless over-complexity...even the newer nice digital ones everyone uses now (just yesterday all were stupid power-hungry inefficient resistance rheostats). I'd used one several times but wanted something thoughtlessly simple, super-compact and field-reparable if ever needed. (This last consideration turned out irrelevant.)

Lighted power switch coil cord

It's just too easy to be riding along and without looking down move my left hand downward from the grip momentarily to find the cord lying across my left thigh and then by touch alone (finger or thumb) push or release the illuminated in-out button…then move my hand back to the left grip.

It's only one second, done without thinking, and there's no fumbling around. I can feel at a touch if the button is in high or low position to maintain temperature at a nice level all day long, with neither thought or effort. Just click-on and click-off as needed for comfort, and if there's ever question about power status a quick glance down shows the red pilot light glowing on or off through the button's cap. Even in daylight.

So today if I were for some reason forced to use some non-Aerostich electric garment, I'd still want this simple, intuitive and reliable coil cord and switch.

- Mr. Subjective 12-13

Rider Magazine Review: Aerostich Kanetsu Airvantage Electric Vest

Riding gear that fits too tightly often becomes uncomfortable on long rides. On the other hand, electric vests work better the tighter they fit, because the closer they are to your body the more heat they transfer.

But what if you’re not built the way the vest is—if, for example, the vest is cut for a rider with broad shoulders and a thin waist, and you’re just the opposite? If you buy a vest that’s big enough to fit comfortably around your midsection, it’ll be loose at the shoulders, and loose spots equal cool spots. Now there’s a solution to the problem—the new Kanetsu Airvantage vest from Aerostich.

The Kanetsu Airvantage is made of Aerostich’s TLTec 1 fleece. It has a heated collar that’s thinner and shorter than those on some other vests so it doesn’t bunch under your jacket when you fold it down. The vest is cut long in the back and shorter in the front, so it doesn’t ride up in the back or bind in the front in a seated position. It has two pockets, one on the inside for storing the power cord and another on the back that you can fold the vest into and zip shut for compact storage. The main zipper is a two-way. Continue to Full Review

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