It’s a comfortable 28ºF today at 4:30pm as I gear up for the 5 mile ride home - Roadcrafter, WarmBib, Balaclava, Silk Scarf, Insulated Ski Gloves... Still plug in the electrics and turn on the grip heaters to chase away any chill from traveling at speed. The fresh snowfall from the last few days has been mostly cleared thanks to the efficiency of the Duluth snowplows and salt/sand mixture put on the roads. The commute home is on mostly clear roadways, until closer to home where it turns to a mix of hardpack snow and a slushy areas. The Zero FX glides right through, spinning the tires only once in search of more traction to get through the plow-hump of snow at the end of the driveway.


2016-01-27 08.07.50The workplace coffee supply is running low, so why not a little extended riding time for a side trip to the grocery store this morning? Sure there’s a grocery store close to my home that I could stop at, but it seems like more fun to double the morning commute distance and visit the store closer to Aerostich, turning a 5 mile commute into a nice 11+ mile ride. 19ºF this morning and at speed the heat from the Warmbib.and heated grips feels good. Despite that, my finger tips are getting cold after about 8 miles. Might try different gloves next ride?

Even during ‘riding season’, being seen by car drivers can be a challenge, but today I am noticing several drivers giving me a wave, a head nod of recognition and a few horn honks (which I am interpreting as a sign of encouragement). As I’m parking in the store lot there is a guy walking up to his car that says, “What kind of bike is that?”. I tell him a little about the bike and the Zero Below Zero project. As he gets in his car he thanks me for taking time to talk and comments, “I thought you had turned the bike off when you pulled up, it’s quiet. What’s it called, a Zero? ...I’m going to tell my boss about that”. Cool, spreading the message.

Once at work, with the bike plugged in and suit hung up, I notice a new post to my Facebook page from a friend. I just happened to ride by his house this morning, and I guess he just happened to see me go by, since his message said, “Looked out my window this morning and saw a guy on a motorcycle, and thought that guys got balls or a great riding suit. Or both.” I think maybe both... It’s great to be riding and very good to know that I’m being seen out there too. Useful, everyday (year-round) motorcycling is not only viable, and practical, but sure is fun too!

3 thoughts on “LOOKED OUT MY WINDOW”

  • Ron Dawson

    Are you guys applying WD 40 to fork tubes etc on a regular basis?
    What condition is the machine going to be in come April??
    Ron Dawson
    Montreal, Quebec

    • Aerostich

      We are intentionally not doing any special treatment to the bike, beyond charging it and riding as much as possible. The condition the bike will be in come Spring is part of the unknown of the testing process to see if using an electric motorcycle during the winter in Duluth, MN is a viable option for transportation and commuting. We hope you will continue to follow along and check on the progress of this project.

  • aanmelden

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